Thursday, September 18, 2008

Leaving on a jet plane....don't know when I'll be back again..

Just a disclaimer at the beginning of this post. I'm in the airport and have to leave soon so this may be quite short. Moving on...the past couple of weeks have been pretty fun but today Neil and I are sitting in the Portland airport prepared to depart this world for eight months. We might as well be NASA astronauts.

We have a 10 hour flight to Amsterdam then a 10 hour layover we're going to travel around and see some sights. Then we have a 9 hour flight to Nairobi, couple hour layover then finally we fly into Dar es Salaam Sat. morning at 9:15. All that entails 32 hours of traveling plus jetlag.

This is going to be a journey beyond my wildest dreams, and I'm glad you're there following along and praying for me! We will probably get to Heri Sunday or Monday depending on what flight we can get. Then the fun begins:)

I had decided that I was going to use this blog to tell of my experiences in Tanzania and as a reference to look back upon in the coming years but now I'm not so sure what my blog will be. I'll post stories of what I'm doing and little notes just to let my mom know I'm still alive:) but I also think that maybe this blog will be a growing experience. A way to express myself and what I'm feeling so others can read but mostly for myself.

Ok, away from the deep stuff. They're about to board the plane so I'm going to wrap this up and put a bow on it. For other stories of what we're doing you can read Neil's blog. There's a link to the right for it. It provides the pictures for my stories and Neil's succinct depictions of what happens:)

Well adios, goodbye, farewell, and kwaheri

pray for us, thanks


Anonymous said...

Both sets of your grandparents, who also happen to be in Africa just now, are wishing you well and praying for you! Love you!

ann said...

Hey Justin, I'm sitting in Portland airport now, waiting for a marathan trip like you are on. I think my trip may be a little shorter and with good connections won't take as much time, but it was probably good for you to rest up over your weekend layover. Looking forward to your next post after you 'arrive'! --aunt ann