Monday, September 22, 2008

Almost There

Well we left Portland on Thursday afternoon and here it is Monday afternoon(Tanzanian time) and we still aren't there:) Neil and I have spent the past couple of days hanging out in Dar es Salaam because our flight to Kigoma isn't till tomorrow morning. Then we'll get picked up and finally reach our destination.

The traveling has been quite interesting..from sitting in the midst of a group traveling from Amsterdam to Nairobi who's idea of entertainment was consuming as much vodka as they could then passing out..or wandering around the plane asking how people were doing:) We spent 10 hours in Amsterdam but were too tired to leave the airport and just slept most of the time. It's good to be back in Africa.

Well not much else has happened so far besides the fact that we wake up at three in the morning and start messing around because we can't go back to sleep. I hope all of you had a restful weekend. Till I write again..


Katie said...

Hey Justin!
Are you in Kigoma yet?
I've been in Usa River, near Arusha, for a few days now.
I like it here a lot!
Hope everything is working out for you.

Susan Woods said...

We're back home now, for a couple days - was awesome to be a part of that volunteer group for a bit. You should be sleeping in your 'new' beds at Heri Hospital tonight! Look forward to hearing that you made it all the way. Glad you've had an opportunity to catch up on sleep before you're put to work. Looking forward to hearing lots more about your experiences as they unfold!
Love & Miss you lots!