Saturday, August 30, 2008

Life...Not Much Else to Say

I'll have to start this off with a little bit of the background leading up the the climax of the story, Sunday evening. I have this car; her name is Angelica. She's a green Volkswagen Passat wagon with an abundance of problems...maybe I should say quirks. She's caught on fire before, has many electrical issues, but through it all has carried me across the country multiple times on my way to Union and back.

Being done with camp and just hanging out at Neil's house in Roseburg we had been planning on spending a few days on the coast at my aunt's house. The Big Lake staff retreat was going to be the Monday and Tuesday of this past week so we planned on going to that then driving the fifteen minutes south to my aunt's beach house. We left Sunday afternoon planning on visiting the Lawsons on the way up to Lincoln City where the retreat was taking place. It was raining and foggy the whole way up the coast. We were about six miles from the Lawson's house when it happened...I totaled my car. Yep, poor Angelica's face got transformed into something less than beautiful:( RIP Angelica. Thankfully we were blessed with no injuries to us or the other gentleman. Also Aunt Cindy was able to come and pick us up, let us stay the night at their house and then so generously lend us the use of a car for a few days. Thanks so much!

We had a lot of fun seeing some Big Lake people for the last time for a long time. A few of the people from staff retreat came over to my aunt's house and hung out along with some Roseburgers who drove up. We got back to Roseburg late Thursday evening. Friday, as in yesterday, we went rock climbing out in the Callahans which was pretty sweet. I got to lead my first 5.9. Yep, clean lead, oh yeah.

Well that's just a short update and obituary of this past week. I'm thinking that the more I start posting the likelier the chances of it becoming a habit:) Well I wish everyone a great week! I'm going up to Portland the end of this week for the Maranatha convention because my dad is flying back in for it and some board meetings.



Sarah said...

Justin! Dear Angelica...Are you jumping for joy? This is what you wished for, yes?

aunt ann said...

Okay, post away! It was good to see you for a few minutes in Portland. What have you been up to since then?

Justin said...

I've just been hanging out in Roseburg. Did some rockclimbing and now I've started packing since I leave on Thrusday