Thursday, August 21, 2008

Counting Down the Weeks

Well well well.... in the long period of time since my last post I've enjoyed many weeks of whitewater rafting, rock climbing and just having fun working at Big Lake! The RAD team is the best ever! Moving on. Over my limited hours off each week I checked the progress of Neil's and my calls. As of now we are getting our tickets today and will be leaving on the 18th of September for Tanzania.

This first week off from camp I've been hanging out in Roseburg with my friends. Monday and Tuesday of next week will find Neil and I at the Big Lake staff retreat on the coast. Then we're staying over there for the rest of the week, hanging out with some friends. Then back to Roseburg, up to Portland for the Maranatha convention to see my dad, then back down here for the final couple of weeks before we fly out.

Seeing as how I have nothing profound to say and no special words to impart(besides supercalifragilisticexpialidocious) I'm going to conclude another short blog post on the life of the infamous Justin Woods. Most likely my next post will come right before we leave and I'll be talking about how I waited till the last moment to get ready, but more of that later.


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