Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Driving in the Slow Lane

I think it’s been long enough since I last wrote so now I can put up a post about all of the non-experiences that I’ve been having recently. It’s been pretty slow around here. Which has its benefits.
After we got back Milton and Shirley (the Canadian couple in charge of construction) left for Arusha to pick up some building supplies and see more of Tanzania. They were supposed to be gone for a week and Neil and I were in charge of the construction project during that time. Well their trip turned out to be longer than expected and we got to be in charge for two weeks. Also happening during January and into the beginning of February were lots of surgeries. I got to see a bunch of hysterectomies along with other random surgeries that I don’t remember what they were. There has been a Danish doctor here since we got back who has been performing surgeries. He comes over here every year for a few months. He brought another volunteer with him. She wanted to watch surgeries to decide if she wanted to go into medicine. Mid-way through January a German doctor showed up to get some experience for a couple months. She and the two German nurses that are here along with the Danish girl left the beginning of this month to do some traveling around Tanzania. Before they left Neil and I had been going over and hanging out with them pretty often. We got to watch lots of Friends episodes and play some Uno.
Nothing else has been going on. Oh, except we did find a chameleon on the way back from the market one evening a couple weeks ago. He was named Oscar and after a few pictures was placed in a little tree in front of our house. Haven’t seen him since but I’m sure he’s having a good time somewhere.
We found out the approximate time that we’ll be leaving Heri to head down to my parents’ house. We’ll be leaving the end of April and then spending most of May with my family in Mozambique. The reason we decided to leave at the end of April is because that’s when Dr. Rocero is going on his annual leave back to California. The construction part of our job is ending in a couple weeks when the Petermans leave for Canada.
Well I think that’s all. I hope you all have had a wonderful February!


MoziEsmé said...

Sounds like you all are having a nice, relaxing time...

Katie said...

Tell Shirley that I hope she recovered from malaria quickly and that the nurses here asked about her. :)
You can also tell her that I got malaria shortly after she did, but I'm great now! I hope she and her husband have a safe trip back to Canada.
You'll still be at your parents' house from May 19-31, right?